NEW 2020 Prayer Journal

Do you struggle to keep your mind focused during your prayer time?

If so, you might love one of these.  I created these journals to help me turn off all the distractions that fight for my attention during my prayer time. They are a perfect size to sit on your nightstand, on the table by your favorite chair in the morning, or to drop in your purse.  Great for CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

$15, including shipping.  Just click here to purchase now


This journal has 80 pages of daily prayer guides that look like this:



What’s new in this edition? A place for confession, a daily guide for praying for your family, neighbors, church, country and leaders. (You can always reorder from the website).

Prayer is how we hear from God. It is in this time of stillness that he speaks to us, brings us peace and direction and comfort. This journal has helped me enjoy my prayer life again! I hope it will help you too.

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