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Marriage--War Room

On a Friday night a couple of months ago my husband and I sat on our couch and watched the movie War Room.  Now if you don’t know the story of War Room, it’s about a marriage that is hanging together by threads, and a daughter who is grieving over the discord between her parents.  The wife (Elizabeth), played by Pricillia Shirier, seems resigned to the pain and disconnect she experiences with her husband (Tony/T.C Stallings) who is angry and distant.  Until Elizabeth meets an older woman, Miss Clara, whose direct and confident personality draws Elizabeth into relationship. In her wisdom, Miss Clara begins to encourage her to fight for her marriage with spiritual strength.   And the story unfolds.

Jon and I found ourselves surprisingly emotional watching the movie, as it spoke of so many issues that married couples deal with.  So, I wanted to take a blog post to share some of the powerfully important  “marriage wisdoms” we can glean from the movie.

If you haven’t yet seen War Room, put it on your schedule for family movie night next weekend!  What I will share won’t give anything away–if anything it will just lay out the welcome mat for the teachable moments.

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