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Life and Faith–they are at their best when holding hands.

I seem unable to unhitch these two words.  One without the other is only half of the equation.  We can try to live life without faith, but there is an emptiness there no matter how often our cup spills over with world-substitutes.  And faith unattached to our life–well that is just living like a Sunday-morning Christian where faith has no reflection in our daily relationships, reactions or decisions.

Even though I cannot unhitch these two words in my mind, in reality I find myself doing so all the time.  How many circumstances out in the world (life) do I try to control on my own, glancing back at the faith I left on the side of the road in the rear-view mirror?  Or how often do I read or hear a beautiful call to strengthen my faith and I never let it seep into my heart–so my thoughts and ways of life stay the same?

When I live this way–with faith and life in their separate corners,   I begin to feel like Sandra Bullock in the movie Gravity, where she becomes un-tethered from the space station and is floating aimlessly, completely vulnerable, through nothingness.

And when I inevitably do start to feel un-tethered, I must struggle and reach for the lifeline of what I know is true, the unconditional and deep love God has for me.  And for you.

Some posts on this page are just about life, and some are just about faith.  And many combine the two. My hope is that you can relate on some level and we can connect there–encouraging each other that we are not alone in wherever our life’s journey takes us.

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