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Alright, so who doesn’t like to see a room makeover?  If you raised your hand then I’m afraid I just can’t be your friend.  Just kidding. There is something about seeing a transformation that humans get all excited about–we love stories that tell of renewal or change or hope.

And it’s why so many of us have jumped on the Chip and Joanna Gaines bandwagon as of late.  We all want a bit of fixin’ up.

One thing I love about my job is I get to help people totally redo the rooms they live in, so that they feel GOOD spending time in those spaces.  I recently got to help a new friend makeover her family room and kitchen which were all connected in one big space.  Karen called me because they hadn’t updated or decorated this main space in their home and wanted a warm but designed feel.   She and her husband had in their budget room for some new chairs, a new coffee table and a new kitchen table and chairs.  Plus, all the goodies that go into accessorizing a space (art and curtains and plants, etc.).

Here is what their space looked like before I started–very livable!  Just needing a little design-love.bEFOREFamily Room Before/AfterAFTER
Family Room Makeover

There is the big picture transformation.  Let’s walk through this in a little more detail. Back to the before…

FamilyRoom Before/AfterThere is a coffee table hanging out in the middle of the room was just delivered when I took this picture–their old coffee table matched the end table to the left of the couch.

IMG_1715Karen and Jon wanted to keep the leather couch for now, but replace this oversized chair with a new seating area on this wall.


Here is one more “before” view.  Now on to the makeover:

IMG_2442There are several changes we made, so I wanted to point out a few.  First, I added new neutral chairs. I am a fan of neutral tones in furniture because it allows me to add pops of color in things like pillows–and pillows can be switched out seasonally or when you want to change things up a bit.  I also brought in a cream rug for under the coffee table to define the area and bring in warmth.

IMG_2419I ordered this metal rustic table to offset the more formal chairs.  This table partners well with the new farmhouse coffee table in front of the couch.  I purposely didn’t match the coffee table and end table.  That used to be such a tendency of mine to have everything match, but that is old school now.

Next, the mantle.


Denver Family Photographer Jamie Larson Photography 00-3436

The mantle is one of my favorite areas to design–it is such a focal point of the room. Bringing in wood tones, a pop of green and some simple but eye-pleasing accessories pulls this space together.

Denver Family Photographer Jamie Larson Photography 00-3440

I added new pillows with a soft pattern on the couch.  Karen had several pictures of her children and grandchildren that she wanted to display.  I liked the uncluttered look of this frame I found at Hobby Lobby.  I also added a floor lamp along with a table lamp between the chairs.  I am a fan of floor or table lighting vs. builder installed generic overhead lighting.


On the table is a simple set of three items.  I wanted to leave space for food or magazines or books–or even a pair of feet to rest after a long day.  Karen said she and Jon might someday retire by the sea, which inspired the picture above the side chairs and this starfish accessory.  A little reminder of what they can look forward to.

You’ll notice the tray in the picture above and the one below.  Trays are wonderful for grouping items together.  They “ground” accessories so they don’t seem loose and floating on a surface.  Also, Karen will use these trays to serve, so they have a double purpose!


Looking back into the family room:


There used to be a darker oval table and chairs here.  Karen and I picked out this beautiful cream and beige table with coordinating chairs.  It lightens up the whole space.

I pulled blue from the piece of art above the chairs I found at Home Goods to use as the pop of color in the family room.  Notice the throw blanket on the couch–throws are not only decorative but bring a feeling of relaxed comfort to a room.


I chose these wicker counter chairs from Pier One.  Like the throw, wicker brings a casual warmth to any space.

In the background we hung some cream curtains.  I ordered these from Pottery Barn, choosing a soft simple curtain to continue the feeling of casual decor in this space.  Curtains can be a strong statement piece with bold patterns and colors, or they can blend into the background almost unnoticeable, yet significantly adding to the total feel of the room.


Into the kitchen:

Denver Family Photographer Jamie Larson Photography 00-3424

Karen and Jon already had great cabinets and backsplash.  I just added a blue clock (see right wall) and accessories above the cabinets.  I also brought in functional but pretty items for the countertops.


Notice the lamp on the countertop above?  This is a favorite accessory of mine for any kitchen.  I like to leave these lamps on all day, bringing a warm glow to an area under the cabinets that can sometimes be dark.  And at night it creates a lovely ambiance.

In one corner, I added this copper chicken from Hobby Lobby, along with some greenery and a little word love.


Karen and Jon had this espresso maker that I wanted to put on some kind of base–I wish I had some great designer reason for wanting to do this–I don’t.  Like the tray ideas I just think it makes the items feel grounded.  So the cutting board does the trick, and again has a double use!


Here is the big picture again.  Thanks for coming along on this tour!


You may have noticed some of these pictures have “JamieLarsonPhotography” tagged at the bottom.  Jamie is a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer who just moved to Denver last summer.  She has a thriving online business to train other photographers in their business called The Snap Society.

Jamie came along to take some of the “after” pictures of this makeover.  Here she is being all cute and professional:


Jamie also took my headshots for this blog–I am so thankful! You can take a look at her website and portfolio here!

And no matter how excited I get about design and decorating, I have my own grounding “tray” in my life which is my relationship with God.  Which is why this blog has both design AND faith posts. So…I’ll be back at the blogging with Part 3 of the Marriage/War Room series next week.  If you want to kick some butt on having a stronger marriage you will want to check it out.

Plus, a lot of great printables for coming for you!

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(I am not affiliated with or advertising for any of the decor companies mentioned in this post).


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