DIY Lavender Candles

My daughter Maddie and I made these sweet fragrant candles to pass the time during our COVID stay at home month, and then we gave them to friends and neighbors. It was an easy and fun project for all ages!

Here is what you will need to make the candles–we ordered everything off of Amazon and I have included links here (affiliate) to make it easy to pull this project together:

Mason Jars

All Natural Candle Wax

Dried Lavender

Lavender/Vanilla Essential Oil

Double Boiler

Square Tags


1. Lay all your items out on the counter

2. Take the lavender sprigs and trim the bottoms off.

3. Using a true double boiler, or the adapted version shown below since we didn’t own one, begin to melt the candle wax.

4. While wax is melting, stir occasionally. Take lavender and lay a few springs on the side of a mason jar.

5. Take a spoon and pour the melted wax in small amounts over the lavender to “glue” it to the side of the jar. Continue this until springs line the inside of the jar.

6. Fill the rest of the jar with melted wax (continuing to melt more as you go for the other candles).

7. Put several drops (8 or so) of essential oil into the wax, and sprinkle loose lavender flowers on the top of the wax.

8. Place the wick in the wax and wrap the wick around a twig to hold in place while wax melts.

9. Set aside and begin to work on the rest of the candles.

10. When candles are ready, tie twine and lavender spring around the top of the jar, attaching a gift tag with writing of your choice!

Take care, stay healthy and sane 🙂

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