The Perfect Place To Pray (War Room Part Two)

Any battle is won by planning, predicting, studying the enemy, and above all strategy. What if we applied strategy to the battles in our lives?  My friend, we can.  And one way is through setting up a place in our homes to fight those battles. Through prayer.

Hopefully you’ve had time to read the first post in this series Three Marriage Lessons From War Room.  Have you seen the movie yet?  It is quite amazing.  It will give you great context for what I am sharing today which is how to practically set up your own “war room” or prayer closet.

True “War Rooms” are the real deal. They are secure, private, important places where strategy is implemented, direction is decided, and great minds are called upon to help in defeating the enemy.  It is all serious business.  And that is the mindset we can also have when setting up our very own war room.  We are not messing around people.


War rooms or prayer closets are places in our home specially set aside for prayer.  They are where we take the bitter and sweet of our life before God.

There is incredible power in prayer, yet most of us (including myself!) tend to pray inconsistently, often half-heartedly, and often only when we are in crisis as a last resort.  I have always struggled to pray as if my life depended upon it.  I push through pain or problems or stress on my own strength, throwing out an S.O.S when I run out of my own steam.  And when things are running smoothly in my life, well the necessity of sitting before God just doesn’t seem as urgent.

But it is.

The enemy wants us to be complacent, inconsistent, having a false sense of self-sufficiency.

He doesn’t want us to believe we can handle life without God, no, he knows that is too obvious.  He just wants us to believe God is in the distance, a bit out of reach, a bit un-necessary in the busy self-important lives we lead.

And that is a lie.  God is the only one who can reach into our lives and calm our fast-beating hearts.  He gives us peace that is beyond our understanding, and hope when we are utterly hopeless.  He cares and is present and fully in reach.  And fully necessary.

When we pray, God gives us other-worldly peace.  I just experienced this today.  We are moving out of our home, and this past weekend brought waves of sadness and pain about leaving a home we built and have loved. We feel good about our decision to move, but the reality of saying goodbye to ten years of memories has been just plain depressing.  Last night I couldn’t imagine feeling okay, and wrestled with how long I might feel so heavy-hearted. My husband knew how I was feeling and as we sat in bed processing before turning the lights out, Jon prayed for our situation, asking God to give us peace.  I rose early and prayed again and asked for a better day, a more positive spirit, not sure how that would be possible.  Yet, as soon as my lips whispered “Amen” my heart felt lighter.  My countenance was changed.  I have been hopeful (we are moving out in a week and a half and have not yet found a home), peaceful, and more trusting of God’s plan for us.  All day long. Wait, let me check–yep, still peaceful.

“Be hopeful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  Romans 12:12

Prayer is powerful.

What if we brought everything before God in a purposeful, consistent, expectant way?What could be different in our hearts and lives?

What if there was a private, safe, even a bit sacred place to meet with God in our very own homes?

If you think you are ready to start praying for your marriage, family, health or any other life circumstance in a serious and meaningful way, here’s how:


  • Pick a space in your home, preferably a closet or a corner that offers some quiet and privacy. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  Mark 1:35  It doesn’t need to be a whole closet–just a small part of it.
  • Clean out that area–and I mean CLEAN IT OUT.  You can be selfish for God with this space–no clothes, shoes, bins or distracting items.  If you are using a closet, move your clothing items in this area to another part or even another closet in your home. Or better yet, use this opportunity to de-clutter and give some items away.
  • Create a sitting space.  Maybe a chair or a beanbag or a small desk with a small chair.  If you have a hard surface for a lamp that would be ideal!
  • Bring your favorite bible and a journal for writing down answered prayers.
  • You might want a bulletin board to hang for posting prayers and inspiration. Or just tape them on the wall.  This will be the strategy.


Above: Priscilla Shrier in the movie War Room




I found these last three pictures online and was not able to find their origination~ so thank you to whoever took these pictures! They are great examples of finding any nook you can to create this space.

After watching the movie War Room, my eighteen year-old daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, we need to set up a war room in our new house.” Nothing like motivational speeches from our teens to get us inspired!

So take some time and picture where you might set up a war room/prayer closet in your home.  I would love to hear about or see pictures–please leave comments below!

In Part 3 of this marriage/war room series I will share 4 STEPS FOR PRAYING EACH TIME YOU VISIT YOUR WAR ROOM.  Plus I will have several PRINTABLES for you to get you started.

So, what do you think?  It’s a little radical.  But I can’t wait to try.  Let’s be radical in our prayer lives and see what God can do.



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